Angelic Beings

What are Angelic beings, and how do we even know that they exist?

And how do I know?
Like many young adults, I had heard about the Angels trough religious stories (I come from a family with multiple faiths), but hadn't reflected on it any more. They were just a hazy picture of High Beauty to me, and certainly not part of my everyday life.

That all changed when I started to work with Crystal Therapy full time. Often when I was working, I would feel an indescribably Loving presence enveloping me and the person I was treating, or it would be positioned on the opposite side of the treatment bench to where I was standing. Often (but not always), I would see shapes of different colors. Many of the people coming to me would also feel their presence, and one lady felt it so strongly that she kept opening her eyes to see if she could see who was there.

This made me want to find out who these Loving presences were, and what instigated their arrival. So, I started to ask an inner question: "Who are you"? It is a little difficult to describe how I perceived the answer: it was first a sensation, then my mind translated that sensation into words. I understood then that these beings were Angelic, and that they had come to assist me because of my strong desire to help people heal.

These experiences changed me. Though I couldn't really fit these events into anything I had been taught about how the Universe works, I had experienced something so pure, so strong and something so Loving, that it was impossible to deny the reality of these beautiful Beings.
I therefore set out to learn more about who they are, how they want to help Humanity, and how it is that we can communicate with them.

Although I (since then) have become absolutely sure of their existence, I have met many people who want to believe, who nevertheless cannot.
They have had their own profound experiences of Angelic interventions in times of deep crisis - but find it hard understand how such beings can be real (in the sense that we are real).
And if they do accept that they exist - how can they know that what they are "hearing" or feeling as messages, is accurate, and not just their imagination? The Angelic Beings can usually not be seen with the normal range of our eyesight, and their messages do not come through audible speech, but are subtle, like a loving whisper.

So they ask themselves, how can we ordinary human beings be worthy of such Loving assistance, if they are real?
The thing is: Sometime in childhood or adolescence, we modern humans have been taught to think of ourselves as intrinsically flawed beings, selfish by nature and fundamentally Separated from everything that is High and Beautiful.
The experience of this Separation is painful for the majority of us, although most of us are not aware that we are carrying such hurt - it has simply become part of the "background picture" that we collectively are experiencing.
We, as human beings, certainly are capable of many horrible deeds, but our Essence is pure Light.
We are literaly Conscious Light, flowing through our physical body (and bound to it for as long as we are here).
This is not just as an allegory or a picture - but a concrete reality here and now!
This means that we (among other things) have the known physical qualities of Light/photons, as we understand them through Scientific enquiry.
Note: if you haven't already read the segment in my "Welcome" page explaining the rational basis for this statement, click here to jump to that section, and you will get a much better understanding of what I mean.

In my understanding (through what they have communicated to me), one of the main things the Angels want to help Humanity with in this particular time, is to remember this Truth.♥
Because when we remember who we are, we let go of Fear - and we experience life with a new understanding of our inner power and beauty, and find an incredible Joy in coming back to ourselves.
We then naturally also relate to other people with a much larger level of Compassion, Love, Tolerance and Harmony.

When we mentally integrate the understanding that we are literally Conscious Light, it is also easier for us to understand how the Angelic Beings can reach us.
Our Consciousness surrounds us and flows through us, with a circular outside-in movement, the impulses reaching our human awareness primarily through the brain, heart and nervous system.
This outside-in movement means that where the Angels reach us and communicate with us - is through this Field of Conscious Light that is us and surrounds us. Light carries information - it is actually easy to understand. Understanding brings peace within us. Understandings brings harmony & unity.

This is important to us.
Many religions and wisdom-traditions have also marked this particular point in time as a choice-point. The collective intention for our Evolution is Unity Consciousness - understanding that everything in the Created Universe is One at its chore.
But each and every one of us has to make a choice. This is hard when Chaos surrounds us, and when we are living from a viewpoint of who we are that is incomplete.
The Angelic Beings wish to help and support us in this process, so we make it through.
I hope you open your heart, and let them♥

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The greatest achievment
was at first
and for a time
but a Dream.
The oak sleeps in 
the acorn,
the bird sleeps in
the egg,
- and in the highest
vision of the Soul -
a waking Angel stirs. 

(James Allen)